Second European Championship of CONİFA which is becoming classic is going to organised between 4-11 June 2017 in Turkish Republic of Norther Cyprus.

On 4th June 2017 ‘CONIFA Euro 2017 North Cyprus’ will going to  begin with  magnificent open cerenomy and opening match which will take place between North Cyprus Team and Karpatalya Team at Atatürk Stadium where located at the capital city Nicosia of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus where on 10th June 2017 final match will take place.

With two groups of 4 teams each,total 8 teams will play in the championship where in Group A   1-North Cytprus, 2-Abkhazia, 3-Karpatalja,4-South Ossetia and in Group B 1-Padania,2-County of Nice,3-Ellan Vannin,4-Szekely Land will compete.

On 4-7 June 2017 group matches will be play then according to order of teams in their groups and then cross matches will take place in 8-10 June 2017  where 10th June 2017 championship will end with the final and qualification matches.

Hosting by 4 different cities of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Championship will be played in 4 different stadiums whic are placed at Nicosia-Atatürk Stadium, Kyrenia-Mete Adanır Stadium, Guzelyurt-Üner Berkalp Stadium and Famagusta-Dr.Fazıl Küçük Stadium

Championship will be watch by thousands of people in Stadiums and matches will be live broadcast  by local TV and also they will published by web and social media through the internet to the whole world which expect to reach approximatle 390 million people.

Under the chairmanship of CONIFA, organised by Cyprus Turkish Football Associaiton and under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Turkish Republic of Norther Cyprus  in this championship about 200 players, 50 officials, 20 refrees  and hundreds of voluntrees will take in charge.