Group games in the CONIFA Euro 2017 North Cyprus are completed. Padania, Karpatalja and Szekely Land won the games played in four towns, while Abkhazia and TRNC shared a point each.

In the A Group match at the Morphou Uner Berkalp Stadium, TRNC and Abkhazia ended in a 0-0 tie.

In another A Group game, South Ossetia and Karpatalja played at the Famagusta Dr. Fazil Kucuk Stadium. Karpatalja scored 4 goals, while South Ossetia scored only 1 goal.

Mile Kristztion in the 17th minute, Baksa Zoltan in the 32nd minute, Berta Frenc in the 45+1 minute and Kesz Tibar in the 62nd minute scored the goals for Karpatalja.

Soslan Kochiev scored South Ossetia’s only goal in the 85th minute.

The Padania-Felvidek game ended 2-0 at the Nicosia Ataturk Stadium.

While the first half of the game was a tie, Padania was able to score two goals towards the end of the match.

Padania’s goal-scorers were Andrea Rota in the 62nd minute and William Rosset in the 91st minute.

In the Kyrenia Mete Adanir Stadium, Ellan Vannin played against Szekely Land.

Szekely Land scored four goals, while Ellan Vannin scored 2 goals in a high-tempo game.

Attila Csüsös and Barna Bajko scored Szekely Land’s goals in the 13th, 36th, 68th and 75th minutes.

Ellan Vannin’s two goals were both scored by Ciaran Mcnulty in the 78th and 86th minutes.

In the A Group, Temur Eshba in the TRNC-Abkhazia game, Barna Bajko in the Szekely Land – Ellan Vannin game, Andrea Rota in the Padaniya – Felvidek game and Mile Kristztzian in the South Ossetia– Karpatalja game were chosen the “men of the game.”


Group matches in Conifa Euro 2017 were completed with yesterday’s games. Our national team leads the A Group followed by Abkhazia. Padania leads the B Group followed by Szekely Land.

SEMI-FINALS and games for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th places on FRIDAY

In the semi-finals, TRNC will play against Szekely Land and Padania will play against Abkhazia. In the games for the 5th position, the third runner-ups of the A and B Groups, Karpatalja and Ellan Vannin, will play against each other. The fourth-runner ups South Ossetia and Felvidek will contest for the 7th position. All games will begin at 8 pm.