Abkhazia is an independent state at the Eastern coast of the Black Sea, only recognized by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and other unrecognized nations. They declared sovereignity in 1990 and were first registered in 2008 by Russia.

Georgia still today declares that Abkhazia is a part of Georgia. Regardless of the official status of recognition Abkhazia is de-facto independent and self-governed, and thus has an excellent reason to field an own national team.

The Football Federation of Abkhazia (FFA) was established in 2007 and is led by the former Dynamo Sukhum player Jemal Gubaz. During its first international tournament, the CONIFA World Football Cup 2014, Abkhazia ended 8th. Before Abkhazia played two friendly games, in 2011 against Nagorno Karabakh (1-1 and 0-3), in 2013 against South Ossetia (3-0).