North Cyprus
JUNE 4th to JUNE 11th 2017
Hosts – Cyprus Turkish Football Association in conjunction with CONIFA

Organising Committee
Tournament Director – Alberto Rischio
Tournament Coordinator – Orcun Kamali
Participating Teams – Mertan Çiftçi

Management Committee
One representative from each of the participating teams, (where required the
representative can be accompanied by an interpreter as the language of the
tournament will be English)
Chairman, Secretary and Participating Teams Representative from the Organising
Section 1 Competition Rules
1-1 The matches shall be played in accordance with the International Laws of the
Game of Football.
1-2 The rules of the tournament are binding on the teams taking part.
1-3 The management committee have the power to apply, act upon, and enforce the
rules of the tournament and together with the organising committee shall also
have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the tournament.
1-4 In matters of gross misconduct by any participating team this will be reported to
the Global Board of CONIFA which may result in disciplinary action including
possible termination of CONIFA membership.
Section 2 General Rules
2-1 Each participating team can name a squad of not more than 23 players (details
to be received by the organising committee on or before 30th April 2017 including a
number of their passport) each player is to be given an assigned number which must
not be changed during the tournament. Players can be changed after this date
subject to reasonable grounds which must be received by the Organising Committee
in writing by no later than 31st May 2017
2-2 The minimum age for players is 16 years at the 31st May 2017 and in respect of
players under the age of 18 years participating teams must make arrangements for
them to be correctly supervised.
2-3 Officials will be appointed by the organising committee.
2-4 The tournament in the first stage will be played on a league basis in two groups
of 4 teams with each team playing the other 3 teams in their groups. 3 points will be
awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw. The final group positions will be decided on
1) Points and if equal 2) Goal difference and if equal 3) Goals scored and if equal the
result between the teams and if this was drawn by a toss of a coin on a “heads tails
basis”. The final stage of the tournament will establish the eventual winners and
placing down to 8th place on a “knockout” basis.
Group A
North Cyprus
South Ossetia
Group B
County of Nice
Ellan Vannin
Knockout Stages

First to fourth place

Semi Final
The winner of group A will play the runner up in group B
The winner of group B will play the runner up in group A
The winners of the two semi-finals will play in the final and the two losers of the
semi-final matches will play in a 3rd/4th play-off final.
Fifth and Sixth Place
The teams that finish 3rd in their group will play in a final for 5th and 6th place.
The teams that finish 4th in their group will play in a final for 7th and 8th place.
The Group and Knockout match schedule is as detailed on
Each match will consist of two periods of 45 minutes plus any additional time as
added by the Match Officials and a 15 minute interval. All matches after the Group
stages if the scores are level the result will be settled by means of a penalty shootout
competition with five named players from each team taking one penalty each. If
the scores are still level after completion of the five penalties, “sudden death”
penalties will be taken firstly by individual players who haven’t taken penalties in the
initial five. Only players that are on the field of play at completion of the normal
match period can take part in the penalty shoot-out.

2-5 Players equipment shall be in accordance with the International Laws of the
Game of Football. Size 5 footballs shall be used in all matches and will be supplied
by the organising committee. Each team prior to the 14th May 2017 will provide the
Organising Committee with details of both their first and second kit. The first kit will
be treated as the home kit and the second kit as the away kit. In the case of a clash
of colours with teams the first kit will be used by the home team and the second kit
the away team. The home team is designated as the team that appears first in the
match draw and the away team as second in the match draw.

2-6 Any protests or complaints will be investigated by the Management Committee
and a decision made by them will be final and binding. All protests and complaints
relative to a particular match in the tournament shall be made in writing to the
secretary of the Management Committee and be received by him within two hours of
completion of the match. All such protests and complaints shall be heard by the
Management Committee with a quorum consisting of at least three members who
are from neutral teams relative to the protest or complaint. The Complainant and the
accused party will be invited to make a presentation to the Management Committee
but will not be present at the meeting either prior or after their presentation. The
Management Committee can ask questions of either the Complainant or Accused
Party at the time of their presentation.
Disciplinary action available to the Management Committee is not limited to but could
include the following:
Reversal of a result to a 3-0 defeat.
Expulsion of a team.
Expulsion of a player or players from the tournament
Player fine not exceeding 100 Euros
Team/Association fine not exceeding 1000 Euros

2-7 Each team manager will be responsible for handing a team sheet to the match
referee showing the squad number and name of each player of the starting team and
the squad numbers and names of the remaining players not less than 45 minutes
before the kick-off. No changes shall be made to the teams without notifying the
opposition team manager in the presence of the match referee before the
commencement of the game. Only three substitutes can be used and players
substituted cannot return to the field of play.

2-8 Each team manager will be responsible for completing a match result card
showing all players used, goal scorers and match result and must hand it to the
match referee no later than 20 minutes after the conclusion of the match. The
referee shall be responsible for notifying the Management Committee of the result of
the game at its conclusion by agreeing and handing in the match result cards.

2-9 A player who is sent off the field of play (red card) will automatically miss his
teams next match and will be reported to the players own governing football body
who may after considering the misconduct report take its own disciplinary measures.
A player that receives 2 cautions (yellow cards) during the competition will miss his
team’s next match.
During a match a yellow card is counted as 1 point and a straight red card as 3
points. Any team exceeding 8 cumulative points in a match will pay a fine of 100
Euros to CONIFA Limited payment of which must be made prior to commencement
of their next match and in the case of their final match prior to departure from North
Cyprus. Any team exceeding 12 cumulative points in a match will be referred to the
Management Committee for possible further disciplinary action.

2-10 In the case of a match being abandoned for any reason whatsoever the
Management Committee will decide on the result and their decision will be final and

2-11 The Organising Committee reserve the right to amend or alter any or all the
rules of the tournament should specific restraints require such action.

2-12 All players and team management must be available for individual photographs
on the day of their arrival which will be arranged on a team by team basis.

2-13 All teams will receive the following equipment at the Stadia 10 training balls, 10
training bibs, 16 water bottles, basic first aid kit and 1 set of training cones. These
are to be returned prior to departure from North Cyprus.

2-14 All matches will be played either on natural turf or a 3GS Astra Artificial

2-15 All teams are asked to provide a high-resolution JPEG or similar image of their
Association Emblem and their National Flag and a MP3 copy of their National
Anthem by the 28th May 2017.

2-16 All teams are asked to bring their national flag with them to the tournament.
Statement of Conduct
The Confederation of Independent Football Associations is concerned to ensure a
standard of respect across Football and require that all players, managers, coaches,
officials and spectators;
– Adhere to the laws of the game.
– Display and promote high standards of behaviour.
– Promote fair play.
– Always respect the match official’s decision.
– Never engage in public criticism of match officials.
– Do not undertake any form of racist behaviour.
– Never engage in offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour.
– Never engage in bullying, intimidation or harassment.
– Speak to team mates, the opposition and coach/manager with respect.
– Win or lose with dignity. Shake hands with the opposing team and officials
both before and after the match.
– Respect the ethics and customs of all competing countries, regions or ethnic
– Do not undertake any form of political activity or utilise the tournament to
promote such behaviour.
Failure to comply with this code could lead to expulsion from the tournament,
disciplinary action at the discretion of the Management Committee and possible
expulsion from CONIFA.
– CONIFA operate to the World Anti – Doping Agency Code (2015) and are
currently implementing procedures in accord with this Code. All players can
expect to experience random drug testing at all CONIFA tournaments and
failure to comply with the testing procedure or testing positive for a banned
substance will result in disciplinary action as dictated within the Code. It
should be noted that this disciplinary action will be recognised by all governing
bodies of football and would not be limited just to CONIFA controlled activities
or tournaments.
– CONIFA also will discipline players who test positive for social drugs although
this is not covered in the World Anti – Doping Agency Code. This will result in
an initial one year ban for a first offence and a life ban for any subsequent
offence from all CONIFA related activities and tournaments.
– CONIFA are currently developing a support programme to assist any player
that either has any issue with “drug taking” or offends against either the
WADAC or Social Drugs
It is a fundamental principle of sport that the outcome of a match is determined by the skill of the
players, and that anything that attacks the integrity of a match brings the whole of a sport into
Recently (particularly on gaming companies’ Internet websites) there has been a significant growth
in gambling on the outcome, on the progress of the score, and on other matters in such matches.
Other sports have had their reputation damaged by allegations (some later proved correct) that
players and others associated with the sport have sought to influence the outcome of a match for
financial gain, or have acted in such a way as to raise fears that the match outcome (or indeed any
aspect of the match) was in some way pre-determined.
Recognizing that such gambling is outside the control of CONIFA but wishing to retain CONIFAs
reputation for integrity, it is therefore the policy of CONIFA that severe penalties (including exclusion
from the sport for life) be applied to anyone participant, whether a player, or team official, who
influences (or attempts to influence) the normal outcome or progress of a match as determined by
the skills and tactics of the players involved, typically but not always, for personal financial gain.
Protection against any attempt to gain advantages (personal advantage or advantage for others) by
not making best efforts shall also be considered as a serious offence that can bring the sport into
1.1 Purpose
1.1.1 The purpose of this code is to ensure and maintain an orderly and fair administration and
conduct in relation to CONIFA sanctioned tournaments or matches related to betting and wagering
and to uphold the integrity of the sport of football worldwide.
1.2 Definition
1.2.1 Corruption: seeking, accepting, offering or agreeing to accept any bribe or other reward
to fix or otherwise to influence improperly the result, or any other aspect of a sports
1.2.2 Inside Information: Any information relating to any international competition or event
that a participant possesses by virtue of his/her position within the sport. Such
information includes, but is not limited to, factual information regarding the competitors,
the conditions, tactical considerations or any other aspect of the international competition
or event but does not include such information that is already published or a matter of
public record, readily acquired by an interested member of the public, or disclosed
according to the rules and regulations governing the relevant international competition or
1.2.3 Manipulation of sports results/match fixing: influencing the course or the result of a
sports event in order to obtain advantage for oneself or for others and to remove all or
part of the uncertainty normally associated with the results of a competition.
1.2.4 Participants: means all accredited individuals including but not limited to players,
Match Officials, other Technical Officials and CONIFA employees,
Member elected officials, families, the event organising committee and the entourage of
players (including but not limited to coaches, team officials, doctor and physiotherapist)
of all participants.
1.2.5 Sports betting: all sports betting-based games that involve wagering a stake with a
monetary value in games in which participants may win, in full or in part, a monetary
prize based, totally or partially, on chance or uncertainty of an outcome. (i.e. fixed and
running odds, totalisator/toto games, live betting, betting exchange, spread betting and
other games offered by sports betting operators, etc.):
1.2.6 Legal betting: types of betting that are allowed on a specific territory or jurisdiction by a
regulator or government (i.e. explicit permission given to legal companies to operate).
1.2.7 Illegal betting: All types of betting which are not legal in the country as well as betting
activities proposed by unofficial companies or simply in „back-stores‟.
1.2.8 Irregular betting: when irregularities and abnormalities in the bets placed or the event
upon which the bets are placed can be identified.
2. Applicability
2.1 This code is applicable to all CONIFA sanctioned tournaments and matches and the participants
in them.
2.2 It shall be the personal responsibility of every Participant to make himself aware of these Rules
including, without limitation, what conduct constitutes a Violation of the Code and to comply
with those requirements. Participants should also be aware that conduct prohibited under this
Code may also constitute a criminal offence and/or a breach of other applicable laws and
regulations. Participants must comply with all applicable laws and regulations at all times.
2.3 Anyone who commits any offence defined in this code shall be deemed to have breached this
code. Breaches of this code constitute the basis of disciplinary action against the participant.
2.4 Each Participant shall be bound by this Code until a date 6 months following his last participation
or assistance in a CONIFA sanctioned tournament or match. Each Participant shall continue to be
bound by this Code in respect of his participation or assistance in BWF sanctioned tournaments
taking place prior to that date.
2.5 Notice under this Code to a Participant who is under the jurisdiction of a CONIFA Member may
be accomplished by delivery of the notice to the CONIFA Member concerned. The CONIFA Member
shall be responsible for making immediate contact with the Participant to whom the notice is
3. Participants Code of conduct related to betting, wagering and irregular match results
3.1 All participants are obligated to safeguard the integrity of sport by refraining from any attempt
to influence the elements of a competition in a manner contrary to sporting ethics;
3.2 The following will be considered an offence related to betting and wagering by a
3.2.1 Influencing a match to be abandoned by his/her actions.
3.2.2 Not using one’s best efforts to win a match.
3.2.3 Participating in all forms of, or support for, betting (whether legal or illegal betting) or
gambling related to their own matches and/or competitions in their sport;
3.2.4 Failing, for reward, to perform to one’s abilities or manipulation of sports results/match
3.2.5 Instructing, encouraging or facilitating any other party to bet;
3.2.6 Inducing, instructing or encouraging any participant to breach any of the established
3.2.7 Ensuring the occurrence of a particular incident, which is the subject of a bet and for
which he/she expects to receive or has received any reward;
3.2.8 Engaging in any kind of Corruption, including agreeing to or providing/offering,
soliciting, accepting or receiving anything of value, gift, payment or other benefit in
circumstances that might reasonably have been expected to influence any player’s efforts
or the result of a match or bring the participant or the sport into disrepute;
3.2.9 Using any ‘Inside Information’ for betting purposes, including disclosing ‘Inside
Information’ to any person (with or without reward) where the athlete might reasonably
be expected to know that its disclosure could be used in relation to betting;
3.2.10 Failing to disclose information to the competent CONIFA authority (without undue delay)
full details of any approaches, invitations to engage in conduct, or incidents that would
amount to a breach of the CONIFA Rules related to betting;
3.2.11 Failing to cooperate with any reasonable investigation carried out by the CONIFA
including failure to provide any information and/or requested documentation;
3.2.12 To knowingly assist, cover up or otherwise be complicit in any acts previously
described committed by a participant. The participant shall be treated as having
committed such acts himself and shall be liable accordingly.
3.3 The following are not relevant to the determination of a Violation of this Code:
3.3.1 Whether or not the Participant was participating, or a Participant assisted by another
Participant was participating, in the specific tournament or match;
3.3.2 The nature or outcome of any Bet in issue;
3.3.3 The outcome of the tournament or match on which the Bet was made;
3.3.4 Whether or not the Participant’s efforts or performance (if any) in any tournament or match in
issue were (or could be expected to be) affected by the acts or omissions in question;
3.3.5 Whether or not the results in the tournament or match in issue were (or could be expected to
be) affected by the acts or omissions in question.
3.3.6 Any participant who commits any offence defined in this code shall be deemed to have
breached this code.
– A Team Managers meeting will be held at 10AM each day of the competition
with the Tournament Director and Coordinator. ALL payments must be made
by the Teams/Associations for any direct expenditure they have incurred
including any payment for damage prior to their departure from North Cyprus.
– ALL Teams/Associations must ensure that their delegation is adequately
covered with any necessary Travel and Medical Insurance.
BY 28th MAY 2017 (number of passport) and EACH DELEGATION MUST SUBMIT A
PAID to the Acapulco Resort office when you arrive the first day.
– The cost is 60 Euros per night per person.


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